To the random strangers who remark on our children:

Did you have another one on purpose? Wow you have your hands full! Why did you have them so young? When are you having more? Why did you have them so close together?

I get remarks and questions like this everywhere I go… it both amuses and annoys me that random strangers think it’s acceptable to ask such personal and inappropriate questions. And while none of them will ever see this, it’s just some thing I’ve been thinking about for a while.

I love my life. I love having kids young. (Spoiler: That’s a decision we made.) We have the energy to chase toddlers, and will still be pretty young when they’re getting older and doing more things. I love the age gap. I think it’s perfect; they’ll be close enough in age that they’ll be going through the same life events at the same time and hopefully they’ll be able to be friends.

Sometimes it is overwhelming, when the toddler is potty training and the baby is hungry and everyone is crying, including me. But it is also the best thing I’ve ever experienced in my life, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. When your toddler randomly runs over and pulls your face to his to give you a kiss, or your newborn meets your eye as you lean over her crib to pick her up in the morning and gives you the biggest grin, it is the most rewarding and special experience.

So yes, my hands are full, but my heart is fuller, and I love this life!

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