5 ways to calm your mind

I struggle with being a very anxious person, Social situations can be hard. And occasionally the overwhelming awfulness going on in the world around us is incredibly anxiety inducing. Plus I have two toddlers, and I can get overwhelmed with the constant noise and craziness toddlers create! I’ve found a few things that help calm and recenter my anxiety and mind.

1. Listen to some music.

Often putting on some background music is super helpful, especially when I’m home alone with the kiddos. I love anything by Sleeping at Last for when I’m overwhelmed, or Alan Jackson’s Precious Memories album, that is just hymns.

2. Drink your favorite warm drink.

Start with 8 oz of water, and then make a warm beverage of choice. I love the calming ritual of coffee of tea. (I love a strong cup of coffee black or with a splash of cream, or a cup of Harney and Sons Paris tea.)

3. Listen to a podcast.

My favorites right now:

– , no The Lazy Genius, by Kendra Adachi. She’s amazing at helping you figure out how to calm the crazy in your day to day life. She has practical formulas and 13 magic questions to be a lazy genius about everything that matters.

-10 things to tell you, by Laura Tremaine. She is great at the more touchy feeling things, and asking questions that start conversations, whether you just write them out, or talk to people.

-what should I read next, by Ann Bogel. I just started listening to this one, and I love all the conversations about books, along with the book suggestions. I’m always looking for new book recommendations!

Sometimes just having something to occupy your mind helps when you’re struggling with anxious thoughts.

4. Read a actual book.

Reading is so relaxing for me! Some books I’ve enjoyed lately:

⁃ The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery

⁃ The Missing Treasure of Amy Ashton by Eleanor Ray

⁃ There’s no Such Thing As Bad Weather by Linda McGurk

⁃ Broken by Jenny Lawson (major language and some content warning. Adult only.)

5. Get outside

Obviously out in the sun is the very best for anxiety or overwhelm, but even if it’s cold or rainy, get outside, walking, breathing fresh air. It’s so important for clearing your mind!

What are your favorite ways to help calm craziness in your life?



3 thoughts on “5 ways to calm your mind”

  1. I completely agree with all of these. During the height of the pandemic, music was my savior! It was on all day long and my daughter and I danced our troubles away (for the most part). Being mindful with my cup of coffee in the morning helped focus my thoughts as well. 🙏🙌

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