To Be Here

I love January 1st and the opportunity to do some reflecting o goals and hopes for the new year. I think it’s a good time to reflect on the past year, to see and celebrate everything that was accomplished, and worked through, and also a great opportunity to see areas for improvement in the coming months.

I know lots of people choose to be super pessimistic about news goals and resolutions, and while I know they’re not for everybody, and certainly we certainly aren’t going to attain “a new year new me” with a couple breezy resolutions! But I think it’s a great idea to be intentional about seeing the areas in your life and relationships that could use some work, and making some clear goals to help work on those things.

I love making lists, so I made a 23 in 2023 list this year. Some of them are things I want to start implementing. Some are things we already do, but want to make sure we continue. I want to work on learning some things. There’s some things we’ve been talking about doing as a family, and it’s time to just do them already.

01. Read the Bible in a year

02. Start running again

03. Read 3 books to my kids daily

04. Relearn how to do my hair pretty

05. 1 line a day journal

06. Go on 6 dates with my husband

07. Have lunch with Scott once a month

08. Be a good friend

09. Play games with my kids

10. Go to the cheese factory

11. Spend 1000 hours outside.

12. Go to the beach

13. Take Liam fishing

14. Take the kids to the zoo

15. Less time on the phone

16. Plan playdates

17. Go outside every single day. Even if it’s just 5 minutes.

18. Do the Gentleness challange

19. Summer bucket list

20. Learn a new skill

21. Try 21 new recipes

22. Go on 22 hikes

23. Read 23 books

I also chose a word to help me focus on the main thing that’s been on my mind with looking forward to 2023. I want to be Here. To be present, right where I’m at, both physically and mentally. I’ve noticed how easily I can mentally check out, pop an earbud in and listen to audio books when I am overwhelmed, and I can check out in social situations I’m uncomfortable in. It’s easy to become busy with my kids and stop trying with other people.

So I want to be here. To be present. To put in the work with my children and other people around me, not using coping mechanisms when I am overwhelmed, but working through the things that cause that.

I would love to hear your goals or intentions for 2023! ❤️




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