We are the Weston’s; Scott, Becca, Liam (4) and Victoria (2) and Ollie (baby!)! We live in the Portland Oregon area, and are both PNW born and raised.

Scott and I met about 8 years ago. I was 18, and he was 23, and we knew we were going to get married almost right away! 2 years later, in February 2017, we did get married and started our lives together!

In December 2018, we welcomed Liam into our little family, and fell in love with being parents! He is the most amazing kid, he keeps us on our toes constantly, and he is so sweet and super funny!

Victoria was born October 2020, and we don’t know what we did without her! She is such a bright part of our lives, and such a happy, adorable toddler! We are all completely smitten! Liam calls in her Sissy, and is such a good big brother!

Ollie was born towards the end of 2022. He is the sweetest baby! Honestly, we all stare at him all day long and tell each other how sweet and cute is is! sweet.

Scott is a estimator in the construction world, has picked up smoking meat as a hobby lately, and is quite the golfer! He doesn’t play as much as he used to, but he is very proficient! He’s an awesome dad, and it’s been really fun to see the bond between him and each of the kiddos.

I am a stay at home mom currently, and loving it so much! I love getting to be with my kids every day. My interests are pretty widespread these days. I love to read, (almost any genre, except horror. I like to be able to sleep at night!) I really enjoy cooking, and baking bread, and I’ve just joined the ranks of the “crunchy moms,” and am enjoying learning about living more healthy, and using better cleaning products! (Scott says I’m turning into a crazy oil lady!)

This is just a little part of our lives, and I hope it is encouraging and fun!