3 things I learned from Running in 2021

I began running March 25, 2021. My first “run” took 21 minutes, and included only 6 minutes of active running. And it was brutal. Lungs burning, couldn’t catch my breath. Muscles hurting I didn’t even know I had.

I had thought it couldn’t be that bad, I had walked a mile or two every day for the last couple years. How hard could it be to learn to run?

It was hard. Getting myself and both kids out the door, appropriately dressed, slathered in sunscreen was hard. Making time for a run/shower on busy days was hard. Talking myself into getting out there even though I was tired and sore was hard.

But I did it. That’s the first thing I learned:

1. I can do hard things.

And after a while, it isn’t quite as hard. It’s still a challange making time some days, and talking myself into going out in the rain and cold. But I’ve realized that the hard is 100% worth it.

2. My body feels better when I exercise regularly.

It isn’t a new concept, but after being committed to this for the last 10 months, I have seen how much better I feel (physically and mentally.) when I am getting out to exercise regularly.

3. My mental health is effected by exercising.

While I started running because I was feeling really off postpartum and wanting to lose some weight, one of the more surprising results was seeing a difference in how I was doing mentally. It’s been a great tool when I am dealing with anxiety, and has been a big stress reliever this year. Getting out to do something physically hard that engages a my mind at the same time, (I like to listen to podcasts while I run.) has become one of my favorite things!

I am looking forward to continue running in 2022, and working towards some new goals!

What is your favorite way to get out to exercise? Is there anything you’ve learned through it over the last year or two?

With love,


Running // my goal to a healthier lifestyle

In March 2021, I was five months postpartum with my second baby in two years. I was not in shape, exausted, and dealing with some major hormone issues that come with postpartum. Anxiety, depression, etc.

I was active all throughout my pregnancy, and walking postpartum, but it wasn’t enough to build up stamina or make a difference muscle-wise. With my husbands work schedule, I didn’t have the option of leaving my kids at home to go to the gym. So I bought a used double bob jogging stroller, a couple new pairs of leggings, and decided to try to learn to run.

The first time I went out, I just started running… And quickly stopped a few minutes later, heart racing, out of breath and in considerable pain. I jokingly told my husband that I could have gone in to the ER with symptoms for a heart attack and they probably would have believed me.

The very first run.

I did some research, and checked out several different apps that have been created to help beginners start to run. I settled on the Start Running for Beginners. It is super simple to use, affordable, (less than $5, a 1 time charge.) and did exactly what I was looking for; you click on the workout for the day, hit start, and it coaches you through you’re entire run, from warm up to cool down, when to walk, when to run, counting down the minutes, and letting you know when you’ve reached the halfway point. The ultimate goal in the app is to work up to running 60 minutes, and that took me 14 weeks and 143 miles. (I did one day extra per week). The program works you up so gradually that it doesn’t ever seem overwhelming, and you don’t get super sore at any point.

The last run of the plan

Once you reach the 60 minute goal, you can continue to use the app to track your runs, both with the freestyle option, or creating your own custom runs to work towards your individual goals. (Which is what I am doing now, working on getting my MPH up, and further distance.)

My current customized plan.

It’s been really amazing to have a consistent workout program, and to start to see actual results. I am excited to be working on my goals and getting better! I love the extra energy, and that I am building more muscle and stamina! I would really recommend using the Start Running app, or one like it, to help meet your own fitness goals!