Being a Mama Right Now

Heavy. That’s what I have been feeling lately. Every time I open my phone, scan headlines, read about some new event, catastrophe, horrific suffering and evil people all over the world doing unspeakable things. It feels so heavy.

It’s been 18+ months of our world being turned upside down, mass panic, freedoms being stripped away so fast most people don’t even have time to notice. It feels so overwhelming. My heart is breaking for the nation of Afghanistan. For the people who are losing loved ones in hospitals across the country and can’t be by their sides right now as they slip away. For the families who have been separated for the past 2 years due to borders closing. For the hurting people across the globe. The children without families to love them.

Everyone refers to these “unprecedented” times. But I keep thinking, every generation has had their unprecedented time. When world events upset their lives and changed things, whether the betterment of mankind or the worsening, this isn’t unusual. In my great-grandparents day it was the world wars and Great Depression. I can garentee those were unprecedented times. I can’t even imagine how hard it was to cope with the heaviness of that time in history. Before that was the invented of cars, and airplanes, which must have been an exhilarating time to be a part in history! Those were unprecedented times. Suddenly travel was revolutionized and the whole world was available to everyone!

My point in all this is this: every generation has had their unprecedented time. This is ours. I’m not downplaying the hurt, fear and loss that people are dealing with every day.

But I have two wonderful children. One learned to talk in full sentences and paragraphs over the summer and doesn’t stop talkin for for a moment from the second he pops out of bed until we close the bedroom door after singing and tucking him in. The other learned to walk, and is toddling around everywhere, proud as can be of her new skills, and getting into everything.

I’ve had to limit my consumption the news lately for their sake as well as mine. I can’t let that heaviness take over our entire lives. I am praying for those hurting, and keeping aware of the current events, but I can’t let myself get sucked into whirlwind that is the media and big opinions that every single person has right now. We’re Christians and believe that God is in control, so we are trusting in that. My kids need a mom who is present. And that means turning off the news, limiting social media’s, and avoiding political talk with most people. My kiddos are too important to spend these precious years when they are babies and toddlers riddled with anxiety and fear. These may be “unprecedented” times, but my babes will only be little once, and I want to be here for every moment. ❤️

One thought on “Being a Mama Right Now”

  1. I don’t have any social media platforms other than my blog and that combined with putting a limit on my news intake has greatly benefited my mental health! 🙏 All the best to your precious family!


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