Favorite things lately

This is inspired by Laura Tremaine’s podcasts about her favorite things.

-iced coffee

My coffee taste changes every few months. Sometimes I drink black, sometimes with cream, sometimes hot, right now I am drinking a lot of iced americanos with a little cream. And I found a easy way to make it at home which is an added bonus! (Instant coffee, oat milk, a little water, and ice in a mason jar, shake up until frothy, and enjoy!)

-nail wraps from nailsmailed.com

I love having my nails painted, but don’t love how fast polish chips. I can’t afford to do manicures constantly, and my nails didn’t do well with the super popular red aspen glue on option. So nail wraps are my new favorite! And I have been so impressed with the price as well as the quality from Nails Mailed! They last a week or so for me, and I think that’s awesome for $2-5!

-air pods

I made fun of my husband for buying these, and didn’t understand why having cordless earphones was such a great thing. Haha. It’s amazing. I use them mostly while running in the morning, but it’s awesome because I can throw my phone in the stroller, and don’t have to keep it where it’s close enough for the cord to reach. And I can put my phone down while I’m doing housework and stuff around the house, and still have a book or podcast in my ear. (I only wear one, partly because I want to hear the kids and not check out completely, and partly because I recently got a tragus piercing and didn’t think about the fact that it would make it hard to wear earphones. It’s totally fine though!)

-lime essential oil

I put a couple drops into the pure La Croix, add ice and it’s my favorite summer drink! It’s the perfect way to trick myself into drinking more water, and is really delicious! I have also added it to pico de Gallo and it was amazing!

-Summer vibes

Bear with me. I am loving the warm sunshine, the hours spent outside, the extra vitamin d. Extra light hours every day. My toddler spending hours outside entertaining himself, getting dirty and using his imagination. The way the schedule goes out the door, and spending time outside and together becomes the priority.

What are some favorite things you’ve been loving lately?

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